One of the most important areas in the house to get right is the Front Entrance Door. The majority of Chi enters the house through this entrance so your Feng Shui Entrance Door plays an important role in determining the quality of Feng Shui throughout the entire house.

Some houses have 2 main entrances, one to the front and one at the side or back. It’s recommended to use the front as your main entry/exit however for some people that’s not feasible. What’s important therefore is to designate which of the entrances will act as the main, and to use it solely as such. That’s not to say you can’t use the other door any more. However make sure that you use your Feng shui entrance door as the main point of access or exit.

An important factor to consider initially is to make sure your Feng Shui entrance door is in correct proportion to your house. If this door is too big it can result in opportunities slipping past you. On the other hand, if the door is too small, it can cause disharmony within the rest of the house.

Your front door should be larger than the back or side door. If you have a large back or side door, hang a crystal sphere to negate the difference and balance the life force energy.

feng shui entrance door

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Next you need to ensure that the door opens inwards. This allows the energy to flow within the house unobstructed. Speaking of which, you should also make sure that the entrance way is uncluttered and free from any obstacles that would stop the door from opening easily. Hinges should be often oiled and you must keep the door clean and well maintained.

The name or number of your home should be clean and well defined. This initiates a harmonious relationship with anyone that calls to your door. Also ensure that the door bell works properly with a tone that’s not too harsh.

Vitally, you must avoid what is referred to as ‘external poison arrows’. These are shapes that are overly sharp or angled. Shapes and structures such as these can transform good energy into bad energy and we want to avoid this as much as possible.


Feng Shui Entrance Door Colours

The colour of the Feng Shui entrance door should correlate with the direction it faces and which of the five elements that represents. This enhances the energy properties of the entranceway. Colours and directions are:


  • South (Fire) = Reds & Pinks.
  • Southwest (Earth) = Yellows & browns.
  • West (Metal) = White, silver, copper or gold.
  • Northwest (Metal) = White, silver, copper or gold.
  • North (Water) = Blacks & blues.
  • Northeast (Earth) = Yellows & browns.
  • East (Wood) = Greens.
  • Southeast (Wood) = Greens.


As said above, make sure there’s no clutter once you step in the doorway. This includes leaving your shoes lined up – however neatly! You want to make sure there is a clear and unobstructed path leading up to the Feng Shui Entrance Door, which continues on into the house.


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