Learn how achieving an Entrepreneur Mindset leads to success!

What does it take to be successful? It’s a question a lot of us ask. Is it only possible for some people to be successful? Are they born that way? The truth is, no. Everyone has the potential to be successful. But you have to make sure you have developed, what is known as, the entrepreneur mindset.

There are many characteristics attributed to a successful person. If we really looked, we can see these immediately. We can see them shared across some of the most successful people in the world, and once we know what they are, it is so much easier to spot.

It is all too easy to brush off the attempt at success as being too hard, telling yourself that you haven’t got what it takes. If you can identify with that, then you’re absolutely right. By approaching a challenge or idea with those thoughts in your mind, you have already stopped yourself from succeeding. So, remember while you are reading this post, to keep an open mind. You need to develop a positive way of thinking and be open to the possibility that you do in fact have unlimited potential in you, you just need to let it take control.

It is our state of mind, combined with living our passions, that determine our success in life. Below is a list of traits visible in all high achieving entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur’s Are Passionate

According to research one of the most notable characteristics of truly successfully individuals, is their undying passion. It is this passion that runs through their business and everything they do. It can be felt by anyone nearby and admired by countless onlookers. When people feel committed to what they are doing and care immensely about it, they possess the best chance of being successful at it.

This passion is essential for entrepreneurs as they embark on their journey to achieve success. It fuels these individuals as they strive towards their accomplishments, committing them to do whatever it takes until they reach victory. It allows them to rise as they get knocked down. Stimulating resilience, enables these high achievers to persist on, during the most difficulty times.

Take a moment to think about it. What are you going to pour your heart and soul into? Is it the daily grind of the 9-5, working to make someone else’s dreams a reality? Or, is it identifying where your passion lies and building a business? If you answered the latter, then it is time to work on developing your entrepreneur mindset.

Entrepreneur’s Are Leaders

Entrepreneur mindset - Leaders

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Entrepreneurs tend to be born leaders. They know who to hire, what skills are needed and how to effectively lead their team to success. They aware of having the right people on their side and know that they cannot build a successful company on their own. They are willing to listen to
their team, embracing new ideas, and unafraid to consider other individuals opinions.

Entrepreneurs are aware of the correlation between the work process and outcomes, inspiring them to do whatever is necessary to build a team that can produce the desired results and flourish success. These individuals tend to be brilliant communicators combined with an excellent ability to listen to others. This enables them to effectively motivate and inspire the individuals that they surround.

Successful leaders don’t belittle those that work for them. They encourage and recognise that everyone who works for their company better’s it. They understand that a business is not built by one person, but by a carefully selected team, who put their time into making an entrepreneurs vision a reality.

Entrepreneur’s Have Vision

All successful entrepreneurs tend to have a vision of what they want to achieve. This usually includes how they envision their business in the future, where they want it to be and the direction they want it to take. With this clear vision, they then create a strategy that will help them achieve their goals. Realising their vision means that these highly successful individuals must be able to communicate effectively, their foresight, with the people necessary to aid them achieve their dream.

It is this vision that entrepreneurs use to fuel their belief. To stay optimistic during some of the most gruelling times on the road to success. An entrepreneur needs people working with him or her, on something with no guarantee of success. Therefore, they have to believe in the vision, absolutely.

“It is this vision that entrepreneurs use to fuel their belief. To stay optimistic during some of the most gruelling times on the road to success”

Entrepreneur’s Are Focussed

Focus, is an essential trait of highly successful individuals. It is inherent, that an individual who wants to achieve, must possess the ability to focus. They must be able to concentrate on their goal, ensuring targets are hit, customer needs are being satisfied and that their team is motivated to achieve.

When they come up with an idea they inherently know what to focus on to best bring about that idea. They don’t get caught up in picking the perfect business name but instead immediately embark on the necessary steps to bring their idea in to a reality, making decisions quickly and creating a valuable product. Decisiveness is also a key attribute if the entrepreneur mindset, focus helps to make sure you’re making the right decisions!

Focus is a trait that can be built upon, and it is so much easier to do when you are working on your passion. Try to remember the 60 minute rule. Remove all distractions, phones, emails etc. and get into a working environment where you will be able to work solidly for 60 minutes. Know what you’re going to do. Be it writing high quality content, developing a plan or strategy, carrying out in depth analysis. Whatever it is, identify what needs to be done and do only this.

After you’re finished your 60 minute stint, go and do something relaxing, take time away from it and re-energise. Try to get 3-4 60 minute stints done in a day. Working and resting this way increases what you can get done in a week, to what most people won’t even get done in a month!

Entrepreneur’s Have Self Confidence

Entrepreneur mindset

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A high degree of confidence is another common trait amongst successful entrepreneurs. This enables them to endure and overcome many challenging times. This mentality enables them to identify opportunities where others would see challenge. It allows them to resist, and roll with the knocks, that they will inevitably face.

Their confidence enables them to remain clearly focused on their goal at all times, while in deep pursuit of their vision. Winning over investors and business partners alike. Confidence, not arrogance, instills our belief in an entrepreneur’s vision and plans.

Confidence is also an area we can master. It is true that nobody else can do something the way you do. Nobody thinks in exactly the way you do. You approach challenges in your own way and develop solutions to overcome them. There is only one of you and you are not replaceable. Learning that, learning to trust in your abilities, and learning to have confidence in your decisions, are all ways in which you will develop self-confidence.

Entrepreneur’s Are Adaptable

Entrepreneurs prove to be extremely adaptable when it comes to changing circumstances. These individuals embrace change and challenges. Rather than resisting the differing circumstances they easily adapt and continue on with their vision.

A successful entrepreneur mindset displays the ability to thrive in these changing conditions. They respond rapidly and adjust business plans accordingly. They make decisions that will navigate them out of troubled waters, and into a more thriving environment.

With an ever-changing society combined with the sheer amount of technological advancements, it is essential that to be successful you must embrace change, constantly adapting your product to the changing customer needs. Learning to adapt is perhaps one of the most important elements of success for entrepreneurs.

Another trait in the entrepreneur mindset is to not only embrace change, but to actively seek it. They know that to thrive, a business must constantly evolve, stay one step ahead of the competition. For a business to evolve, it needs to change. A successful person will analyse the weaknesses and identify improvements on a continual basis.

It is never time to say “This is perfect the way it is”. Because, the fact of the matter is, perfection is not attainable and we need to continually adjust to get as close as possible. There will always be one weak area that needs to be nurtured. Identifying these, and constantly providing better revisions, is what set’s a successful person apart. They do not stop.

“Another trait in the entrepreneur mindset is to not only embrace change, but to actively seek it. They know that to thrive, a business must constantly evolve.”

Entrepreneur’s Are Competitive

Being competitive is a key ingredient in many highly successful individuals. These guys love to win. They thrive on challenges and cherish any opportunity to excel, cherishing building a business from the bottom up. Competition is a driving factor and they relish the challenge it brings.

This isn’t just competitiveness with others, that of course is an essential attribute. Rather it is a competitiveness with oneself. You need to understand that their is a lot of power behind the saying “You are your own worst critic”. If you don’t get the results you were looking for, or perform to the best of your ability, ultimately the person who is going to be the most disappointed in you, is you.

This inner drive is what pushes a successful person to constantly improve both themselves, and whatever they are involved in. You had a great day today? Tomorrow will be even better! Focussing on small achievements and building upon them is a great way to feel that sense of pride, and to get you into the mentality of continually trying to best yourself.

Entrepreneur’s Are Constantly Seeking Personal growth

Successful people are aware of the importance of self-development and improvement. They appreciate the opportunity to grow and develop, know that in order to remain on the top that they must be constantly learning. Many successful entrepreneurs contribute a lot of their time to reading books and industry publications. They invest in resources that will further improve their business and skills, and keep them within the entrepreneur mindset.

These individuals know the importance of networking and attend many seminars and training courses. They believe that if they stay still that they are in fact going backwards. The best entrepreneurs never stop investing in effective and powerful business and marketing tools. They know that in order to get better that they must get better.

Life is one long lesson. You never stop learning. Their is an infinite amount of information out there; even this is being added to on a frequent basis. To be successful, you must continually be learning new skills, abilities and ways of doing things. By expanding your mind, you will improve your ability to identify opportunities that others would miss.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what it takes to obtain an entrepreneur mindset, but it’s a great start. Analyse the points above, and truthfully ask yourself whether you share these same characteristics. There is no shame if you do not, in fact very few people do. Remember there is always time to improve areas in which you need to, this is one of the main traits of a successful person.

Most importantly, really work on identifying your passion. If you are not working on something you love, you will never be able to give it your all. As it has been said, “it is possible to fail in something you hate, so why not take the chance on something you love?”

It is all too easy to get caught up in the idea of safety. This is a safe job, a recurring wage, no risk etc. But ultimately, you are putting control in the hands of another person. With the recent financial collapse, too many people saw how risky this was. Sure, starting your own business, or going your own way, are full of risks. But, if it allows you to spend your time doing something you love, versus something you tolerate, then it’s got to be worth it. Doesn’t it?

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