We all want to live a happy life but some of us struggle to find the happiness within us; and that’s the people who aren’t spending time looking for it externally. While it is true that we do find happiness from within, there are certain things that happen that can make being happy particularly difficult. There are also certain things that we can do that enable us to access our inner wells of happiness more easily.

Bad habits and decisions can have long term effects that cause worry and make it difficult to be happy. It’s better to identify what these things are so we can avoid them and the distress that they cause afterwards. This list contains 40 things that are dimming your happiness. If you can stick to the list, you’ll find that your happiness levels will rise significantly.

Read through and see what you think. Be sure to add your own rules for happiness in the comments below.

40 Things That Are Dimming Your Happiness

1. Not spending at least 30 minutes a day alone.

2. Getting into debt and not pay off existing ones.

3. Not clearly defining your goals.

4. Making Excuses.

5. Not reading at least 1 book a month.

6. Working in a job that only barely pays you enough to survive.

7. Buying something on finance.

8. Sleeping in.

9. Eating processed foods.

10. Drinking soda.

11. Drinking too much alcohol.

12. Not maintaining the correct posture.

13. Avoiding eye contact.

14. Not continually educating yourself.

15. Forgetting about your own happiness.

16. Breaking your promises.

17. Passing up the opportunity to volunteer.

18. Not being able to forgive and move on.

19. Lying.

20. Gossiping.

21. Not living by your principles and values.

22. Mocking other people’s beliefs or values.

23. Skipping breakfast.

24. Not believing in yourself.

25. Not exercising at least three times a week.

26. Not Listening.

27. Not sticking to your schedule.

28. Not taking care of the people that support you.

29. Being rude.

30. Being greedy.

31. Being too caught up in the past or the future.

32. Not living in the moment.

33. Judging other people.

34. Not spending enough time outdoors.

35. Not taking great care of your body.

36. Trying to be someone you’re not.

37. Being afraid to ask for help.

38. Being afraid to ask for advice.

39. Not travelling.

40. Stepping on people to get what you want.

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