Many people are afraid of dying. Some people develop this fear from an early age and it causes them to go though life without taking risks.

This got me thinking, is death a constant companion in life and is that a bad thing? How do we stop it casting a shadow over everything that we do?

It comes down to perspective. How can we stop the inevitable? The fact of the matter is that we never know when our time here will come to an end, so putting things off is perhaps one of the riskiest things a person can do. No one is owed tomorrow. It is what we do today that counts.

Is Death a Constant Companion In Life?

Death Spares No-one

It is a morbid thought, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking risks and exploring new opportunities. If we are aware that our time is short, whatever your beliefs are, life should be lived to the absolute fullest. Shouldn’t it?

If you do have faith then the vast majority of spiritual beliefs conclude that this is not the end, that there’s something waiting for us on the other side.

Personally my belief is that we live each life in order to learn an important lesson. Many people think the same even though people might not share the same beliefs and that’s perfectly fine. No one will have the exact same belief system as you. After all a persons faith is incredibly personal and to try to force it on others, defies the essence of spirituality itself.

However, whether you believe we live in cycles, or go to a permanent afterlife, or nothing. The fact of the matter is that life should be lived with compassion and understanding.


If we are here to learn lessons; how can we evolve if we wrap ourselves in cotton wool and ignore the things that are happening around us? We need to embrace the fact that there is good and bad in the world and if we choose to be a force for good, we can make lasting impressions on the people that we cross paths with.

Life is about collecting experiences rather than things. We take these memories and lessons with us, but what use will we have for the material things accumulated in life? If the focus switches from collecting things to collecting experiences, a lot of material worries vanish and happiness levels soar.

How often do people take time to appreciate the warmth of the sun on their skin? How it feels to draw in a breath of clean air? The warmth and happiness that comes while being surrounded by the people that love and support us?

It’s coming

No matter what you do, death comes from us all in the end. The question is do you run from it’s embrace and forgo all the wonderful experiences that life has to offer, or do you try to experience everything. The good and the bad, the happy and the sad and greet death knowing you’re ready. Knowing that you have made a positive impression in this lifetime and you have learned a great deal of lessons.

Knowing that you have spiritually evolved and were happy to jump on every opportunity when it came your way.

Knowing you were there to help someone when they truly needed it.

Knowing that you lived and didn’t just survive.

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