How to Achieve Bedroom Feng Shui?

The Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house due to the sheer amount of time we spend there. We spend approximately one-third of our entire lifetime, sleeping. It is also a haven for many of us to go to to rest, read, meditate etc. Achieving great Bedroom Feng Shui is incredibly important to ensure our lives are as harmonious as possible. In a room we spend so much of our time in, we need to ensure we have achieved the perfect balance of Chi. Achieving this balance will allow you to calm your senses, unwind after a hard day, recharge for he next, and ultimately have a great night’s sleep.

As you will have read on this site, their is a large part of Feng Shui that is completely unique to the individual, and that will need to be taken into account. However, there are also more general things we can do to achieve a higher form of flow. The list below is a great starter-point for the person trying to achieve great, bedroom Feng Shui.

No Screens!

Having televisions and computers in the room will lead to bad bedroom feng shui. According to teachers of traditional feng shui, these large electronic devices stop good energy in its tracks and your bedroom will fill with negative Chi. This is certainly not what you’re aiming for. Further to this, looking at electronic devices just before bedtime, disrupts your Circadian rhythm and makes it difficult to achieve a great nights sleep.

Leave these devices to another room, remember the bedroom is for rest and everything that you have in there should have that purpose. In Feng Shui, the energy omitted by the computer or desk is work, which is directly opposite to the energy omitted by the bed, which is rest. Rest & Work conflict, so you should not combine the two to avoid clashing energy.

If you are looking for light entertainment before you fall asleep, consider reading by candlelight. This will not disrupt the bedroom feng shui, in fact the use of candles in bedroom feng shui is encouraged! Just be careful using them and never leave a lit candle unattended.

Change your Linen Often

Not only is this hygienic, it also encourages a loving bedroom feng shui. You can contrast lighter colored rooms with brighter colored lined, just make sure to pick the color that represents the cure you are trying to achieve.

Maintain quality air in your bedroom

Airing the bedroom during the day allows negative energy to leave and positive energy to take it’s place. It makes the room feel less stuffy and also helps to prevent bacteria build up. The only way you will be able to achieve the correct bedroom feng shui, is to have air that is fresh and free from pollutants, to fill your lungs. If you fins aeration isbn’t enough to prevent the stuffiness, you can use a good quality air purifier to maintain higher oxygen levels.

Get Rid of Clutter

This is an essential element in all rooms you apply Feng Shui in. To keep it simple, don’t fill your bedroom with things that don’t belong in there. The ultimate energy in bedroom feng shui is rest. If an item doesn’t contribute to that, then don’t keep it in there.

Keep the room tidy; clothes kept neatly in drawers and wardrobes, and nothing kept under the bed, dresser etc. Hoover and dust often to keep the room fresh and ensure the dust particles aren’t affecting the positive chi.

Use Soothing Colors

You don’t want to use over powering colors in the bedroom. Instead opt for natural colours such as creams and pastels. Avoid white as it can be highly reflective and cause the lighting to be overly hard and the room to feel cold. Use colors from a cream right thought to a  light chocolate to keep the warmth in the room and promote warm energy.

Get the right Artwork

The art work you choose for your bedroom feng shui will have a big impact on the overall energy of the room. Choose images that make you feel positive emotions. Images that depict pure love, happiness, togetherness & growth.

Never place water features or paintings of water scenes in a bedroom. This provides too much yang energy and creates a restless sleep.

Never place live plants in your bedroom since these stimulate and attract too much yang energy.


Don’t use harsh lighting, you want to create a relaxing atmosphere. The best way to achieve this is to use dimmer, more subdued lighting. A great way to achieve this is by using table or floor lamps with low wattage bulbs. Avoid overhead bright lighting. As mentioned above, candles are a natural source of low light and create a highly relaxing environment within bedroom Feng Shui.

Bed Position

The biggest bed room tip you will receive is to have your bed in the ‘command position’. A command position essentially means that you will face the door from the opposite side of the room, but you won’t be situated directly in front of it. Usually, the point diagonally furthest from the door will offer the greatest common position for your bed.

Also ensure that your bed is supported by a solid wall behind it. This position allows you to be in visual command of the space. It allows you to face life and energy directly, both literally and symbolically.


Don’t angle mirrors on the opposite wall, reflecting the bed. In ancient times it was believed that the soul leaves the body during sleep. If it see’s it’s reflection upon rising this can lead to some very upsetting results. If you do have mirrors on an armoire, or other furniture, that face the bed, cover them before you go to sleep at night.

The Room itself

If you do have a say on where the location of the bedroom will be, the best position in the house is far away from any external doors that open directly outside. Sleep in a room with a level room and avoid sloping walls. However if you can’t avoid this, using a canopy bed will remedy this as it gives the impression of a level ceiling. Canopy Beds also provide protection from bright lighting, beams and ceiling fans etc. If there are other doors that open into the room, a bathroom or closet for example, make sure they are firmly shut throughout the night to allow energy to flow within the bedroom. Otherwise, the energy will leave the room and affect your bedroom feng shui.

Every item has a different effect on your bedroom feng shui and the flow of chi energy. Make sure everything has a purpose and the room remains tidy and clutter free. You can use a bag to angle the room towards a certain cure. Remember everything is about balance though, if you are angling too much in one direction then the chi will take on a negative effect.



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