What can you do to achieve the highest level of Bathroom Feng Shui?

You will often read that bathroom feng shui should be overlooked, as bathrooms are negative rooms within a house and should be completely closed off. Well, as much as possible. This is based on more traditional teachings of Feng Shui, and when you think about it, it kind of makes sense (when they said it). Back in the day, bathrooms would have been run down outhouses or maybe little grubby rooms which only catered to the essentials. They certainly wouldn’t be like the bathrooms we have now, spa-like with gorgeous tubs, lightings and fixtures.

Another reason that Bathroom Feng Shui gets overlooked is because Chi is affiliated with water; and the bathroom is designed for water to leave the room in large quantities. This counteracts the main aim of Feng Shui – inviting good chi into our homes and actively trying to let it circulate and stay, for as long as possible. Openings are places in which Chi exits a building, and bathrooms have lots of them.

However, why don’t we try looking at this in a different light? The bathroom is the space in your home that is dedicated to cleansing, relaxing and purification. There’s nothing quite like soaking in a bubble bath after a long day, or lathering up in the shower to fully wake up in the mornings. Water is refreshing, relaxing & restoring, so it’s no wonder it is representative of Chi.

Water also represents wealth. This is why water features, both indoors and outdoors, are recommended in Feng Shui; they promote the circulation of prosperity.

So with that taken into account there is no reason to shut off a room completely. This is counter-productive and with the focus on balance, will affect the house as a whole.

The following are some helpful Chi boosting, Bathroom Feng Shui tips

Be mindful of where the energy is escaping

Remember earlier we looked at energy escaping through large openings? Well there are ways to combat this and keep Chi circulating the room. Simple things like keeping the toilet lid closed and covering drains when finished with them goes a long way to gaining optimal Bathroom Feng Shui.

Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors are fantastic in bathrooms as the speed up energy and aid circulation. Make sure the mirror is not reflecting the toilet as you are using it. Try to angle the mirror so it faces as much of the room as possible. Not only will this aid the circulation of chi, it will also reflect more light into the room.

Keep it clutter free and tidy

As with all Feng Shui, clutter is a big no-no. Everything in there should have a purpose. This is not to say purpose should be it’s only function, getting the right mix of purpose and aesthetics really helps with the entire ambience and level of Chi.

For example, how many of us have a mix and match of towels thrown in different places? Instead, try to keep towels that match in color and hang neatly on a towel rack, or fold in a designated area. Use beautifully fragrant soaps that are held in intricate dishes. There are many ways you can keep the clutter to a minimum whilst attaining a modern design, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are loads of great deals to be found and with a bit of imagination, it can be done for very little and it all adds to your overall bathroom feng shui.

Where’s the Earth?

We know the bathroom represents the water element in a huge way, but why not balance it out by introducing the earth element?

Earth is stronger than water in the controlling cycle, particularly when water is excessive. When you have an over-abundance, this creates and inbalance, and that in itself makes attaining positive bathroom feng shui impossible.

There are a number of ways to introduce this element. Bring night crystals and stones into the room, they can be piled artfully in a bowl, or spread randomly through the room. Some people will even use them as fixtures such as light hangings or door knobs for example.

Clay Figurines and Terracotta are awesome represenatives of the earth element and look fantastic in a bathroom. Keep these in mind when finishing the design of your bathroom.

Lastly, color will play a big part in representing the earth element. Introduce darker earth tones in the items placed in there and add golds and yellows to the walls or fabrics. These are all great ways of adding the earth element to balance the over-bearance of water and attain great bathroom feng shui.

Light & Air.


Bathrooms can become damp and musty, so it’s even more important to air them out during the day as much as possible. Let the good air and Chi in while getting rid of the stuffiness.

Lighting will also play a big part, wherever possible try to introduce as much natural light as possible. Skylights are excellent for this. Although not all of us will have a window in our bathroom. In this case, try to be clever about the light you introduce. Don’t go for over powering, high watt bulbs. Instead why not try a dimmer, you can adjust the levels to a much more comfortable brightness. Lights that are focused and running up the walls are also great and add to the over all decoration. Finally, in a room you want to relax in, why not add candles? Candles are wonderful symbols in Bathroom Feng Shui and the addition of these will certainly help in finding the perfect light balance while indulging in a night time soak.

Implementing all of these tips will ensure you have excellent bathroom feng shui. This means your Chi will be at it’s most positive level a
nd activities such as relaxing and refreshing, will be heightened. So much so, it might just become your favourite room in the house!


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