Most of us have our preferred sleeping positions; on our back, on our sides, stomachs, leg hanging out…. but did you know the position you choose to sleep in, actually affects your health? Recent studies have shown that sleeping on your left hand side, can actually alleviate many common issues relating to sleep.

Check if you suffer from any of the following and if you do, it may be time to consider sleeping on your left side!


You Should Be Sleeping On Your Left Side, If…

You’re a Snorer

Sleeping on your right hand side and back can make snoring a lot worse, and it’s recommended to sleep on your left to keep the snoring to a minimum. It actively helps people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

You Have Varicose Veins

Sleeping on your left side relieves the pressure of your bodies largest vein, the Vena Cava, which resides in the right side of your body. People that suffer with Varicose veins are recommended to sleep on their left to decrease them.

You Suffer From Circulation Problems

See above. When the Vena Cava is put under pressure, it actually causes problems for your entire circulation. If you suffer from this anyway, you definitely don’t want to make this worse.

You Suffer From Heartburn

Recent Studies have shown that sleeping on your right side can actually make heartburn much worse. If you suffer from this, make sure to sleep on your left side as when we sleep on our right, acid slips into the oesophagus, which is a main cause of agita and insomnia.

You’re Pregnant

Yep, sleeping on the left is tremendously beneficial for women who are pregnant. It increases the blood flow and nutrients to the baby, reduces the amount of pressure on your uterus, and leads to an all round better breathing experience, throughout the night.

Who Shouldn’t Sleep On Their Left Side

If you have had heart problems then your doctor may recommend sleeping on your right side, as it may lower your heart rate and your blood pressure.


If you’re suffering from restless nights, have trouble falling asleep, or anything else prohibiting your nights rest, check out our Ultimate Sleeping Guide.

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