Did you know your body burns calories as you digest food? And, did you know that some foods are much better than others in burning fat? These foods have a high thermogenic effect, which relates to the amount of energy your body uses in order to digest them.

A High thermogenic rate means that you burn a decent percentage of the foods calories, just by processing it. Other types of foods contain certain nutrients and compounds that allow your metabolism to work at a higher rate. 

5 Foods That Burn Fat As You Eat Them

Lean meats & Fish

When you eat protein, you burn more calories digesting it than you do with either fats or carbs. That’s because protein has a high thermogenic effect and you burn roughly 30% of the calories the food contains, just while you’re digesting it. during digestion. Lean meats such as Turkey or Chicken breasts, and fish such as salmon or halibut are excellent sources. Other great sources include walnuts, flax seeds, and dark leafy greens.

Green tea

EGCG, a compound found in Green Tea, temporarily speeds the metabolism while drinking it. According to the the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who drank four cups of green tea a day shed more than six pounds in eight weeks. A useful tip is to keep a smoothie container of iced green tea in the fridge, to grab when you’re on the go.


A single cup of lentils includes 35% of your required daily iron intake. Given that over 20% of us are iron deficient, this is great news as one of the most common causes of a slow metabolism is down to nutrient deficiency. Your body needs the right levels of certain nutrients in order to function properly.

Lentils are also rich in protein and packed with both soluble fibre, which helps balance blood cholesterol levels, and insoluble fibre, to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Hot peppers

The compound that gives Chilli’s their heat is know as Capsaicin and heats your body to such an extent, that you melt additional calories. As a spice or ingredient, hot peppers are fantastic, you can combine them with other fat-burning foods to get even better results.


Beetroot contains a compound called betaine, which helps to prevent the buildup of fatty deposits in the liver. It also contains soluble fibre that lowers bad cholesterol and a recent study showed that the nitrates in beetroot juice, boosted stamina by 16 per cent! Useful if you’re planning a workout.

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