One night, when I was driving home from work, I pulled up to a stop light where people were standing outside of their cars pointing up to the sky. I looked across the street to see more of the same, people stopped at a green light looking up. I realized that police officers were among the onlookers, so I thought “What the hell would spook a cop?”

As I got out of my truck, I saw something as big as an airport moving slowly over South Mountain. It was black and opaque – darker than the night sky which is bathed in the orange barf glow of Phoenix’s sodium vapor street lights…

Whatever it was, it was solid, triangular and silent. On the edges it had gold colored spheres that weren’t like lights, but were glowing if that makes sense. They even sequenced on and off and I was immediately angry at myself for not even believing what I was seeing. I didn’t want to see it, whatever it was, because I couldn’t describe it and didn’t have a camera to document it. This was 1997, way before smartphones.

I got back in my truck, turned right and saw more witnesses trying to film it or take pictures. I remember hoping that somebody would get at least one good shot.

The next day, these Phoenix Lights were on the front page of every newspaper. Then, it was featured internationally and footage was broadcast around the world. There were literally thousands of witnesses. The thing moved up and down the entire state of Arizona, circling Phoenix and going around the Indian Reservations, too. Airports, Air Bases, Police, Military, Doctors, Lawyers – every segment of the population you could think of – documented the event.

And then, the strangest thing happened….absolutely nothing. It just sort of became old news…passé…everybody collectively got in their trucks and drove away to go home and sleep it off.

There’s a documentary about it, but to this day it’s weird even talking about it because of the fact that people look at you like you’re crazy. Even when an entire city shared in the phenomenon.



I saw a VERY DISTINCTIVE creepy creature enter and leave my room. My parents thought i was dreaming, until four years later police men were attacked by the EXACT same thing on a nearby town and it made national news.

I can expand on the story but i feel no one will read so fuck it.

Alright. I was seven and shared a room with my sister. It was about 1 am and I couldn’t sleep. So I was just staring at the wall when I see something move by the door. Someone is coming in very slowly. And it’s dark so it takes some time for me to realize who it is. It’s a woman, with a big pointy hat. I think it’s my cousin (who lived with us), but she isn’t that short. The only way it would be her is if she was walking on her knees. As I look down to see if that’s the case, I realize she is not touching the floor at all. And even though I can tell she has an old woman’s face, that is definitely not a human’s face, her eyes are too big and she’s expressionless. She is very slowly heading and turning to where my sister is sleeping. And I’m just trying not to move at all. She reaches her bed and only stands there looking down at her. And then I move and make a sound. And the thing turns her head to me just like that. Her huge eyes are making eye contact with me for a second and the next thing I know is she just went out the room almost flying, really fucking fast. After that I covered myself with the blanket. So I tell my parents the next day and obviously they don’t believe me. A midget woman with a pointy hat, huge eyes and a dress floating in my room is too random. So after some years I start thinking I was maybe dreaming or something.

Fast forward four years and in the news there is a cop who was attacked by a witch in a city 3 hours away from where I live. He saw something coming from the sky floating and landing on the roof of the car he was in. Then it tried to get in through the window and started to scratch him, pull him. He ended up passing out. And in the interview he says: she was dressed in black and had big eyes, dark skin and had a pointy hat. She was flying on its own.

They showed the drawings they make when the victim describes what they saw, and it was the same exact thing I saw. They also have sighting in 2010 by another cop, and the descriptions match too. He also mentions it had “super-human speed.” And obviously a bunch of people started to fake related stuff since the news got relatively big. This happened in Mexico btw. After I saw the news, I couldn’t sleep well for a week, in fact I have to admit I had to sleep with my parents a couple of times. For a reference, it looked sort of like the flatwoods monster.


this is 100% real by the way… I am really skeptic about shit like this. But after this experience… man, there are things out there that truly have no explanation.



Alright, bear with me on this one. As a teen, I used to sneak out of the house a lot with some friends of mine. One of our friends lived a few miles away from the rest of us, so we’d have to go on a bit of a hike to go retrieve him. The shortest way to get to his house was to cut through the local farm’s property in order to get to his neighborhood.

We did this rather frequently, and would often meet up on a cluster of rocks at the edge of the property that was overlooking their field of corn. One night, after our typical mischief had concluded, I went with everyone to walk them home – finally, it was just me and the friend that lived far off. We walked through the cornfield as usual, and nothing was amiss. It was only up to about waist-thigh on a thirteen year old at that point in the year, so it was pretty obvious that the field was abandoned.

Anyhow, we reached the far side, and sat down on the cluster of rocks to talk for a bit. Typical teenage crap – girls we liked, what our plans for out futures were. While I’m talking to him, I notice my friend’s face slowly go pale, and I give him a questioning look, and he grabs my shoulder and points out into the cornfield.

Scattered in different spots all over the cornfield we’d just walked through not five minutes before are five indistinct, shadowy figures, drastically taller than the corn. They were about six feet tall, and they weren’t moving.

It would be easy to brush them off as just being tricks of the light or scarecrows, or something else logical – except that we had literally just walked through that field, and there had been nothing there.

We were both stricken with terror, afraid to even move as we stared at them, but they never moved an inch, never came toward us, never moved away. They were too spread out to be a group of looming teens. What finally startled us into action was the farmdog starting to go absolutely ballistic inside the house, barking his head off and going crazy. We weren’t anywhere near the dog’s line of sight.

We ran like hell. When we stopped for breath, I looked up. The entire sky was clouded over except for one little gap in the clouds that only the moon was shining through.

It was the most surreal and terrifying experience of my life, and I can’t explain it to this day.



When I was 8 years old my best friend and I were sitting next to each other at lunch and just talking about 8-year-old things. He said, “I had a dream last night that two planes hit these giant skyscrapers and there was smoke and everything. I was watching from the torch thing on the statue of liberty.” (That’s not exactly what he said but those were the main points. Our teacher, sitting nearby and overhearing him, identified what he had seen in his dream as the Statue of Liberty. I remember we had a fun time figuring it out and pretending to guess what it meant)

The next day terrorists hit the World Trade Centers. I will never forget the look my third-grade teacher gave my friend and I. It was the purest confusion and fear I have ever seen.




When I was a kid, like many kids, I had an imaginary friend. His name was John and as I was a lonely child, he was my best friend. We would play outside together and he would promise to grow me apple trees and give me the apples. He was an older man with slicked back white hair who wore a white t shirt, jeans, and red suspenders with work boots. He told me he’s been working forever, and it’s his turn to rest. He told me he worked with wood, first in a mill and then in a factory. He said it was much more fun to hang out with me than to work. He seemed to love being outdoors, as most of my memories involve him being outside with me. He was always saying “oooh, sweetheart, come over here and see this rose!” and such.

One day, John showed up while I was outside playing. I was maybe 6 years old. He told me it was time for him to be heading off. I asked him where he was going. He told me he didn’t know, he was going to go get his car and drive until he felt like stopping, “maybe I’ll build a house and settle down wherever I choose to stop.” I remember feeling happy that he was going to go off on an adventure; it seemed fun to me and I was excited for him. I waved goodbye and he walked off towards the road, never to be seen again.

When I was a teenager, my mom went on the hunt for her biological family. Family was always a very terse talking point for her; she had few memories of her biological family (she was taken from them at age 5) and had been badly abused by her adoptive mother. I never pressed her to talk about the subject at all. After some digging through old family acquaintances in her home town, she found her younger sister, Rita. She was able to track down her number and we gave her a call.

My grandmother was pregnant with Rita at the time her other children were taken by social services due to a lack of funds/food/housing for the eight kids. As such, Rita was the only child who got to stay with her family. My mother and I rushed down to see her immediately after finding out she lived not 30 minutes from us. When we got there, my aunt Rita had all her photo albums spread out in front of her. She pointed to photo after photo, “This is our grandmother.” “This is our uncle Frank” etc. My mom asked to see some photos of their parents, and my aunt obliged. We were both so excited, it’s so surreal to meet people who look like you and share some of your mannerisms for the very first time.

When we flipped through pictures of my grandfather, I choked up. The pictures got more recent and more recent, leading up to his death in the 1970s. It became more and more apparent to me that he was very familiar. I asked my aunt what his name was. “John Jackson.” I had to struggle to keep my composure, as I now knew exactly who John was. I held it together, I didn’t want to look crazy in front of my new family, but I guess aunt Rita could sense a curiosity in me. She said that my presence reminded her a lot of him, he was always so kind and adventurous. I agreed excitedly, “Yes, I love adventures. I love going on trips.” “Yeah, you got a lot of his blood in you. He was funny, too. He used to tell us he was gonna get in his sports car and drive and drive, and wherever he stopped, he was gonna build a house and live there.”


Source: What is the most mysterious/paranormal thing you’ve witnessed? (self.AskReddit)

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