Last year my very good friend and roommate passed away. It was of course the most difficult thing I’ve had to live through so far. A couple months later, on what would have been her birthday, an alarm clock that has been unplugged an sitting on a shelf in the closet started going off and woke me up. It hadn’t been used in years, not only was it without a power source but there was no alarm set. I thought it was a fluke but the idea that maybe Megan was saying hello was enticing.

Later that day when I got into my car my iPod, which was on shuffle, started skipping songs all by itself. I was heartbroken thinking that there was something wrong with it. It skipped a couple dozen songs and then stopped on her favorite one. A song that she had lyrics from tattooed on her foot. After that I knew it was Megan just saying hello to me on her birthday. It was the most comforting experience I have ever had.



When I was in High School I was really involved in Theatre. Through theatre I met a guy named Dane and we became very close. He was genuinely and literally the greatest guy I’ve ever met.

Fast forward to freshman year of College:

I went to school in SC. Dane died in a freak skateboarding accident and I was trapped in SC because of finals. I didn’t go to his funeral or his wake. I was heart broken. I pleaded with God or whoever it was in charge to let me see him one last time.

That night I went to sleep. My roommate and best friend woke me up that morning telling me that a demon was in the room. He came back later that day and described the so called “demon”. He said it looked like a person and then.. Well then, he described Dane. He said he wasn’t scared. It was a very peaceful spirit. He was plain as day, in the dark, sitting on my bed, and he had his hand on my shoulder telling me it’s going to be okay. I showed Chris Dane’s Facebook profile picture, and he had never seen Dane before. Chris started to cry because he was so overwhelmed, he said he saw Dane sitting on my bed consoling me because I was crying in my sleep. So… while I was alone, grieving by myself, and my friends were grieving with each other.. I was consoled by my friend himself. He came to me to say goodbye one last time. I think of him often and that experience really gave me peace. Thanks for reading such an important event in my life. 🙂



We use to live in a very old house that my Dad’s great grandparents had raised their kids in. Out of 9 children only 4 lived to adulthood, all dying in the house along with is great grandfather. Needless to say the place was creepy as shit. We could never keep blinds up in the upstairs window that faced East, grandma said that he dad would always look out that window with his coffee in the morning. One day my Mom and I were alone in the house and decided to do an experiment. We closed all the curtains in the upstairs room and then went outside to look at them. All the curtains were still close EXCEPT for in the window pointing east, it was open about 6 inches in the middle (enough for someone to look out of).

I’m not saying that house was haunted, but that shit was TOTALLY haunted!!!



So..a friend and I are at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery late one night when out of the blue I get a call from my Mom and she starts screaming at me to “stop messing around” and “what you did is NOT funny”. When I finally got her to stop yelling and I tell her what she is accusing me of cannot be possible because I am several towns away in Sleepy Hollow she goes completely silent…. SO, my friend and I drive to my house to talk to my Mom and step-father about what has happened…

Apparently while I was out with my friend someone was at my Mom and Step-Dad’s bedroom door and knocked extremely hard and IN MY VOICE said “MOM!….MA! MA!” with a frustrated tone to it. My Mom and Step father were sleeping, so it took a few seconds to answer, after they heard that first knock and voice she answered “What? Come in, what is wrong?” Then in my voice again “MAA!” and the door started violently shaking against the (panel? is it called) but never opened, then suddenly stopped. My step dad thought something was really wrong and that I was hurt, so he jumped up and opened the door and no one was there. No one but us lived in the house, so they thought I was playing a joke on them until my Mom called me and I told her where I was…

Still have no clue what happened or why this ‘thing’ took MY voice and why it was calling out to my Mom in such a frustrated voice.



Some family friends of mine have a daughter. For the first few years of her life she had an imaginary friend who she called ‘Ginormous.’

Anyway, a couple of years back, we were looking through some old college photos with the family, and their daughter was also present.

Suddenly, we came across a photo of one of our friends who had sadly passed away while we were still at college, and the little girl’s voice piped up:

‘Why is Ginormous in the photo?’

Many chills went down my spine!



I used to do the ghost-hunting thing with friends back in high school. One of the many times we visited a particular “haunted” spot (a bridge with a Civil War era hanging story) this one friend of ours started acting weird, talking about bad spirits this and evil that. His speech pattern alternated between unintelligible muttering under his breath and unusually angry, which wasn’t characteristic of him. Drugs or alcohol were not involved.

Ultimately, he started yelling, banging his head against the steering wheel, then ended up fainting in someone’s lawn. We all thought he was faking the whole thing, to freak out some of the more open-minded people we had along with us, but he didn’t respond to a sternum rub. Paramedics were called, he woke up shortly after they arrived, claims to not remember anything after visiting that bridge.

I am the last person to believe in “bad spirits,” (Edit: nowadays, anyway) and I imagine that a psychiatrist might be able to explain these events straight away. The only thing that sticks with me is that this guy was not known to have a history of this kind of behavior (and afaik, has not since), and I’ve never seen dedication to a prank last through a sternum rub.



Back in 2007 my grandpa finally lost his 20 year battle with Leukemia. My grandma couldn’t manage well, being alone in the house they’d lived in for almost 60 years.

We moved my grandma into an assisted living residence a few months later, and for insurance reasons (vacant property) my parents asked me if I’d like to move in to the house so that I could watch the house, and also to move out and not live at home. I said absolutely.

I remember right after he passed away, strange things started happening. The portrait we had of him in the living room fell off its hook. Picture frames containing pictures of him flipped onto their front during the night. I didn’t mind though because I thought my grandma was making it up.

Before I moved in, my family got a big dumpster so we could clean some of the clutter out of the house. Since we’d spend most of the day cleaning and it was summer, we’d bring the family dog with us. My grandpa loved our dog dearly. But since he passed, my dog wouldn’t go down to the basement anymore, where my grandpa spent most of his time in his office. She refused to go into the basement at all, and barked at the stairway a few times.

This was weird, since our dog almost never barked. It finally made me think “he’s here”. I moved in shortly after. While I lived there, things went missing all the time. I had bought a new lockset to change the backdoor lock, brought it home and put it in the cupboard to tackle on the weekend. Few days later I go to change the lock, and it’s gone. After a week of looking around I finally found it in the trunk of my uncle’s old BMW 2002 which he stored in the garage (I happened to be looking at the car). My grandpa was always a prankster, so I almost came to expect these occurrences.

He used to wake up at 530 every morning to listen to the early news on the radio in the kitchen. I’d wake up some mornings and the radio would be on. I often heard typewriter noises coming from his office in the basement. It became comforting. I found myself talking to my grandpa outloud. Having conversations with him. I missed him. After about 6 months, suddenly I wasn’t hearing any noises anymore. Nothing was going missing. The radio wasn’t turning on at 530.

I shrugged it off for a few days, but it started to worry me. I went back to my parents and grabbed the dog, brought her back. She was apprehensive at first, but she entered the house. There was an issue though. Everytime she’d been over since my grandpa died, as I mentioned earlier, she refused to go downstairs. This time though, she went downstairs, and went right to his office. Nothing was any different about the office, but she wasn’t barking. She wasn’t pacing. She wasn’t doing anything.

That was when I realized he was gone. I broke down. Suddenly I felt incredibly alone. Even though it’d been about 8 months since he died, it was the first time I felt like he was gone.



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