I was driving home with my then girlfriend from a beach up north of us and it was around 10pm, we are on a deserted country road and I’m doing about 110 as I just wanted to get home. She was mostly asleep in the passenger seat and I had the radio off and was listening to the engine purr, we had about 25 miles before our turn so I was just watching the edge of my headlights for deer and stuff when I saw tail lights appear from an intersection like someone had turned the flipped their brake lights on.

I started slowing down and my Gf woke up from the speed change the next thing either of us remember is a police officer knocking on my window waking us up. It’s 3 in the morning and the intersection I saw the lights at is no more than a half mile down the road behind us. He asked us what we were doing and neither of us could come up with a good response, so he told us to keep going as we were pretty hard to see off to the side of the road.



Me and some buddies were bored one night and decided to head out and poke around an abandoned mental hospital. The only way in was through the autopsy room, the rest of the place was pretty much sealed off. So we go in, me another guy and two girls. As soon as we get into the autopsy room, one of the girls starts hyperventilating and crying. She said she just couldn’t be there anymore.

We tried everything we could to convince her everything was going to be fine, to no avail. She wanted to leave, and wanted to leave NOW! Disappointed, we decided we had to leave. The two girls were walking in front of us, one trying to comfort the other, while me and the other dude walked a bit of a way behind.

I don’t know what brought me to look back, morbid curiosity maybe. But I did. Now, I’ll admit it was dark, but the moon was out so it wasn’t pitch black. Still, I know what I seen. A window on the second floor, what looked just like a little girl in a white dress staring back at us. I looked for a good ten seconds, stopped my buddy and had him look without taking my eyes of the thing, and asked him specifically “Do you fucking see that!?” I thought I may have been seeing things, or maybe it was a trick of the light. But no, we both saw it and stared for a good 20 seconds after. I might have thought it was some kind of trick, but after 20 seconds or so, it moved. We NOPED the fuck out of there, passing the girls and screaming at them to get in the car.

Is it possible it could have been some other people there, who happened to bring a girl who might have looked from a distance to be a lot younger than she was? Yes. There were no other cars around though, so whoever it was would have had to walk a pretty good distance to get there. It could have also been a homeless family that was using the place for warmth. Who knows. All I know is what I saw. It was a little girl, in a white dress, staring at us. From the second story window of an abandoned mental joint. At 2 in the goddamn morning.



When I was 7 I was having a sleepover with my cousin at her house. We played with barbies and a sweet barbie RV. Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw an old lady in a dress or night gown walk through the giant barbie RV and through the door to the garage. I never told anyone anything about it.

10 years later, my aunt and uncle were selling the house that I witnessed the above. My dad was like, finally, they can get rid of that haunted house with the annoying old lady. I was like what do you mean? He described the “ghost” and it was what I thought I saw when I was 7. Again, I never told them what I saw and they confirmed it without knowing my story.

I am a skeptic and this is the only thing that makes me question that.



My grandmother died when i was very young. My grandfather passed when I was 17. Shortly after his passing, I dreamed I was with my grandma and we were catching up on all she had missed. She told me she had to go but I begged for her to stay. She said she couldn’t but we would see each other again soon and pointed to a calendar with the date October 16 circled on it. This was about two weeks from that date. A couple days later I dreamed I was with my cousins husband, fishing on their property. It was just a chill, cool dream, but he kept taking about how ‘this is it. This is forever’

A few days later we got a call that my cousins husband had been killed in a freak accident. While my parents went to the funeral out of state my mom (who is real big into ‘signs’) begged me not to leave the house on the day my grandmother had indicated in my dream.

Come October 16, I get a phone call from a friend asking if I wanted to go into the city with him. I briefly explained the situation and declined. He said he’d come visit me after he got back to town. I didn’t hear from him until super late that night from the hospital. He had been in an awful wreck, crushing the entire passenger side of his car.



This happened to a family member of mine about 4 years ago. She was driving home late around midnight and fell asleep at the wheel. She hit the only tree next to the road for miles (we live in a rural area) going about 60mph. She was pretty dazed, but she remembers a man running to her within minutes. She described him as looking roughly 20 years old and was wearing a letter jacket. He was trying to get her to move, but her ankle was barely hanging on by skin.

She insisted that she stay still until medics arrive, but he kept telling her that she had to move NOW. He picked her up and carried her to the other side of the road. As soon as he put her down, the car exploded in flames. He gave her his jacket to keep her warm, then she passed out. She awoke in the hospital and asked my aunt about the guy that helped her. She said no one was there when help arrived on the scene other than herself. She still had the jacket (covered in blood and dirt). The jacket itself was from our school, but looks like it was from the 60s.



Well, since I suck at studying for finals I may as well spend the next 30 minutes sharing my paranormal story..

When I was about 5 me and my mom would play this game. She would sit on the step leading to the back door of my house, and I would ride my tricycle around in a circle and pretend to grab a gem from her. I called this game volcano because I’d pretend like I was riding my bike around the edge of a volcano grabbing precious gems. Anyways, one day were were playing this game, and this lady pulls into the drive way. She was completely white, pale white, like someone had dumped flour on her and she was wearing a white dress, like Victorian era dress, lots of lace and puffy from the waist down. She also had one of those sun umbrellas although she wasn’t using it, it was closed up and she was holding it by the handle. Anyways, she walks up to the edge of the carport, and i ride my tricycle to to the edge to meet her and I just sit there and stare up at her and she looks down at me. After a minute or so she leaves. I turn around and ask my mom who that lady was and my mom said, “who?” I told her, “that lady that was just here” and my mom had no idea what I was talking about because no lady was there, it was just me and my mom.

Not very spooky but pretty fucking weird. Also one time there was a storm and I was looking out my window and I saw a powerline fall down, sparks and everthing, then I saw the powerline go back up and reconnect, it was like watching it in reverse.

Oh and another time I was in my room at night drying my hair, and I heard some music coming from outside my window, and I thought, oh great my neighbors are having a party, the music kept playing and finally I looked out my window to see what was up, and there was nothing, no party, nothing. It’s also worth noting that no electronics were on in my house at the time and I was the only person home. The man singing was singing the words, “pack your bags”. I don’t know, freaked me out.



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