There is a historical farm near my hometown where it’s rumored the owner committed murder. It’s believed he was a well respected man who acted as the local minister. He once told the congregation that he was better off preaching to rocks so he put a bunch of stones in the pews and preached to them.

On to the murder. He supposedly impregnated his daughter. He was so mad at this that after the birth he killed the baby and his daughter in the basement. A friend of mine swears she talked to a ghost of the girl when she was younger.



There’s a weird soldier doll on the edge of my town with bullet holes in it, and a bunch written on them. It is said that whoever writes their name on the doll gets killed by it the following night.



I live in a town that has haunted railroad tracks; spooky I know. Rumors say that if you stop on the track late at night and put baby powder on the rear bumper you’ll get pushed off the tracks and when you go look at the powder it’ll have hand prints on it. According to legend a bus full of kids got hit by a train and they don’t want anyone else to get hit. They also made a movie about the tracks called “Munger Road” which is a thriller.



There’s an old, two-story, wooden house down the street from me that’s painted a horrendous shade of pepto-bismol pink with green trim. Rumor has it that the woman who has owned the house for years mildly insulted a local bruja, who cursed her. The curse was that she had to paint the house the bruja’s favorite shade of pink and keep it that way or the male children of the family would all die young.

Seriously though, I think people are just trying to figure out a way to explain why someone would paint a house that color.

Update: Found a pic of it on Google street view: http://i.imgur.com/4y5CusW.jpg\



The Italian’s Villa

In my city, Gothenburg, Sweden, there is a really palace-like villa. The man who built it was an italian immigrant and it is said he was in the Gomorra Camorra mafia before coming to sweden. To afford the villa he had to rob a local muslim gang back in italy. The robbery went wrong and he had to kill a witness with a bullet in the head. The witness, though, happened to be the local imam of the city mosque. Before being killed he supposedly told the italian that his life would end, in’shallah, right after it was fulfilled. The italian was extremely religious, but refused to believe muslims had any connection with higher powers, so he didn’t think much about the curse that was put upon him.

He then fled to sweden and started building this incredibly expensive-looking italian villa in the most luxurious part of town. It took him 14 years to finish the house.

The day he finished it he got a memo from his doctor who told him he had cancer. He lived four months in that villa before dying.

The villa got up for sale a while back and was sold as the “italian’s villa”.



Satanists and human sacrifices on the mountain.

Supposedly in the 70s a professor started a satanist cult and they would go up this mountain road and block it with their car, then when you drove up and had to stop they’d pull another car in behind you and trap you then sacrifice you to satan. There’s a spot on the mountain called the King’s Chair and that’s supposedly where the killing would happen (it’s easy to hike to and sort of looks like an alter I guess). There are also “satanic” symbols on the mountain and no matter how many times they’re sand blasted off they reappear.



I have two in my area

The glowing house – there is a house on state line road that divides Arkansas and Oklahoma. It sits on about ten acres of land on a hill that is completely fenced off and posted. At night, you can clearly see the house has sort of a blue glow to it. There are absolutely no exterior or interior lights on. Also, the house is abandoned. Has been for as long as I can remember.

Gravity hill – there is a hill located nearby (don’t recall the city off the top of my head) where a bus full of kids crashed and all were killed (allegedly). Legend has it that if you go to the top of the hill, put your car in neutral, that you will remain at the top of the hill without moving backwards. People say it is the spirits of the children pushing the car up the hill to keep you safe. I have heard some people say that they put baby powder on their back bumper and will see little hand prints afterwards.



There are houses here that have been around since the incorporation of the town. They are well over 100 years old and they were all built in the same style. All of them are currently occupied by families and have been remodeled. There is one house though where the owners live in a separate house on the property and has been unable to be sold in the last 20 years or so because rumor has it that the place is haunted. Apparently anyone who has lived there in the past never stayed for more than a week or so before they had to leave. I pass by it almost everyday and I wish I had the money to buy it and remodel the place. I hate to see a place with that much history going to waste.



Built in 1886, the Ohio State Reformatory was designed to humanely rehabilitate first-time offenders, and was initially applauded as a positive step toward prison reform. However, conditions rapidly deteriorated. After 94 years of operation, the prison’s legacy became one of abuse, torture, and murder. Denounced by civil rights activists for its “brutalizing and inhumane conditions,” the prison eventually shut down in 1990. Now, within the decaying walls of this still abandoned prison, the restless spirits of its prisoners and workers are said to still remain confined

Edit: link http://www.deadohio.com/mansfieldreformatory.htm


I live in Worthington, Ohio.

In our town we have the legend of the “White Bride”.

Supposedly in the late 1800’s a wedding was being held in our town square. Through a series of unfortunate events a horse and buggy ran wildly across the village green and into the wedding party. The bride was instantly killed.

Now, the legend goes if you go to the village green on the anniversary of the tragedy you can hear the gallop of horse hooves and the scream of the bridge as she was run down.

It a big thing for the kids in our town to gather on the green on this night and see if they can hear it.



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