Couple things. One night when I was little I was laying in my bed and my stuffed animals were being thrown at my face from across the bed. An other time just about 2 years ago I was sleeping the night In the next room while my parents were out of town. Wake up but can’t move, something is pulling me down into my bed, I fight it off and next thing I hear is something running across the room and the door slams shut and I mean loud as hell slams shut like someone was pissed. My parents house is definitely haunted.



I was sleeping over at a friends house, we were both 10 at the time. Her parents worked night jobs, so we were the only ones at the house. I lived next door at the time, so neither of our parents worried about us being alone as my mom would regularly check up on us.

Anyway, we were watching movies late into the night in the basement of her house when we heard a weird noise upstairs. We crept up the stairs and noticed a shadow standing outside the sliding glass door. We froze, heard a loud smash, and suddenly couldn’t see the figure anymore cause the door had been cracked all over and distorted whatever we were seeing. At this point we started screaming, and I guess whoever had been trying to break in didn’t realize there was someone home as they never did anything else to try and get in. I’m assuming they just took off running, though we technically didn’t see it happen.

My mom ran over to see what all the ruckus was about, and called the cops when we managed to explain to her what had happened.



I was home alone one night while my parents were out, and it was sometime between two and four in the morning when I finally decided to go to sleep. I remember feeling very off that night, maybe just because I always find it eerie to be the only person in the house, especially at night, but I shrugged the feeling off and checked the doors to make sure they were locked, turned the lights off, and did some quick cleaning. While I was doing this my dog and cat were acting pretty strange, my dog seemed really on edge about something, and hid in the garage, and my cat was frantically running around the house, as if he kept seeing some sort of threat, until he ran upstairs, where I found him hiding under my bed later that night. I thought their behaviours were kind of unsettling, but I didn’t think much of it, because my pets always do weird things like that.

So after I finished cleaning up downstairs, I turned off all the lights, and had literally just gone up the first step of the stairs. Before I could take another step I heard an unusually loud bang in the kitchen. I say “unusually” because I’ve had spooks similar to this where things have just randomly fallen down (something something potential energy) and it usually just made a soft thud. I stood on the stairs for a couple seconds debating whether I should just say “fuck it” and go to bed, since I was already creeped out, or go check what fell. After convincing myself that it was stupid to think it was anything paranormal, I slowly turned the lights back on and went into the kitchen. I looked around, opened some cupboards, checked the floor, the counter, just looking for whatever it was that fell. Nothing. I looked for a good ten minutes, and nothing fell down, or got knocked over. I know that I wasn’t hearing things though.



About a few months ago, I was living alone in the house for the week, as the rest of the family went to Disney or something.

My brother’s birthday had just passed and a single balloon was left over from the party. So while my family is gone, I invite a few friends over, and one of them point out that the balloon is almost deflated (still floating, but mid air) in the living room downstairs. My friends then leave a few hours later and I go to upstairs to bed and sleep. I wake up in the morning to use the bathroom and HOLY SHIT, WTF, the balloon is just sitting there on the toilet as if it were waiting for me. Slightly unnerved, I go back to my room and lock my door.

Now, my bathroom is on the second floor. I understand that temperature changes could’ve made the balloon rise, but what still confuses me, is how it got to the toilet. Because to get to the toilet in my bathroom, you have to make a left through a door, then another left through another door to get to it. I have more stories, but this one comes second in my creepy house experiences.



Didn’t happen to me, but my father told me this one:

There was one night that he was home alone with his sister growing up in southern Ontario (in the countryside, they lived on a farm). During an apparent thunderstorm he was looking out the window to watch the lightning and out in the cornfield which the window overlooked, in the pitch dark, he could see the ember of a lit cigarette fading in and out as a vague outline of a man (or woman?) smoked it – standing out in the pouring rain, in the midst of what I assume was a pretty big cornfield, at what must have been 1-3am.

If that wasn’t creepy enough for you, his closest neighbours would have to have lived more than a 20 minute walk away..



I kinda just sound like a crazy person when I talk about this, but I believe I may have been being attacked by some sort of entity a few years ago. I say this because I don’t really have much of an explanation for the things that were happening to me.

One of the last “attacks” happened when I was sleeping downstairs on the couch (I was afraid to sleep in my room at the time) and I was trying to fall asleep, laying on my back with my legs squeezed together, and my feet propped against the arm of the couch. I’m tall enough that I kinda just fit in the couch perfectly, and as I was trying fall asleep, something pushed down on my shoulders and slammed my heels on the arm of the couch. Then, in the next room I heard a deep raspy laugh, and I thought I was going crazy, then my dog got off (a separate couch) and started sniffing the air where the laugh came from.

I’m perfectly aware there is probably a logical explanation, and that I sound crazy, but it’s the creepiest thing that has happened to me when I was home alone. All the other “attacks” happened when people were home.



Watching TV in the early hours, wide awake cos I’m a night owl. Sudden picture interference and the shape of a face appeared on the screen for a few seconds. In the morning found out that my father had died during the night.



Once I was peacefully playing xbox on a cold, dreary, rainy October day. While playing, I turned around to see if the sky had cleared so me and my friends could go out to a local field to play some backyard football. What I saw instead could only be described as a hulking black figure standing behind the shades with small red dots where its eyes should’ve been. I screamed and shit my pants (I was 15), and it turned away and walked very fluidly. I showered with the curtain open and every light on for about a month.

Another creepy story involving the giant shadow was in June. I was lying in bed, resting before going away for a week at football camp. I opened my window for some reason and I hear loud, heavy boots pacing slowly on my patio outside my window. I peak out the window and I see the EXACT SAME HUGE SHADOW run towards some woods by my house.

I think I have a pet demon.


Thank you to all the contributors on Reddit.

Source: What’s the creepiest thing that happened to you when you were home alone?

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