About a week before, a rash of break-ins had started in our neighborhood. Someone had attempted to break into our next door neighbor’s house, and both of our windows were accessible from a backyard ledge and a slope to a second floor window.

The sunday before the break in, a stranger knocked REALLY loudly at our door. It was the type of knock cops use before they raid your house. When we answered the door, he muttered something about having the wrong house and walked away. We reported it to the police, but not much could be done at that point.

I got home at about 1pm from a doctor’s appointment and all seemed well in the house. We thought we were relatively okay because we made sure the windows were locked at all times and didn’t open them.

My roommate’s door was closed at the time. I went to my room to change into house clothes since I wasn’t planning to go anywhere, and went back downstairs.

About 10 minutes after I got home I sat down to watch a Henry Rollins video. Half way through the video I hear a commotion upstairs, more than either of my cats were capable of.

Instead of calling the police immediately, I go upstairs with a machete into my roommate’s room. One of my cats is hiding under my bed and the other is REALLY spooked. My roommate’s window is wide open and there is what looks like dog poop tracked on her bed. All the things on her window sill had been knocked over or off, and there were foot prints in their place.

I eventually did call the cops, but there was nothing to investigate at that point.

Some jewelry boxes were open and there was evidence of someone rustling through the drawers, but thankfully nothing was broken or stolen. My roommate didn’t really have much of value just sitting out in her room.

I’m not sure if they were already there when I got home or if they snuck in just after I got home and didn’t hear me make any noise until I turned the video on.

Later on, we came to find out that our windows were not installed properly(among many other things in that shitty, shitty house), so our locks didn’t even work. We put a metal bar in the top of every accessible window.

There was another break in attempt at our next door neighbor a couple weeks later, but nothing at our house again.



when I was 7 and home alone two people tried to get into my house. They kept knocking and telling me to get my mommy which seemed okay enough, but then they kept hitting the door and trying to open it. 7 year old me kept the door locked and by the time they tried to go to the back door I had run and locked those doors too. Eventually they left, but it was scary.



I was house-sitting for my parents, who live in the actual middle of nowhere. The closest neighbor they have is about a mile away. My parents had taken their dogs with them on vacation to the beach, so it was an eerie and silent house to be in. It was the kind of quiet that you wouldnt want to turn off the tv, or you would be faced with nothing but the eerie sound of your breath and footsteps.

On one completely pitch black night, void of any moon, I stepped on to the back porch for a quick smoke before bed. As I reached the bottom of the steps, I pulled out a cigarette from the pack, and fumbled for my lighter. As I flicked the wheel, the glow of the small flame briefly lit up my surroundings. In that split second of brief illumination, it became apparent I was not alone. In the few seconds it took my brain to process the dimly lit image, I realized that I had just momentarily seen some MASSIVE brown haired, four legged beast eating from one of the dog’s bowls by the steps leading from the porch into the house. And I do mean MASSIVE. Twice the size of me, at least. Covered in some dirty brown human-like hair from front to back. I didn’t make out its head, but I knew from the glimpse of it’s torso that is what something I’ve never seen in the wild. As I stood there in fear from what was standing not three feet away from me, unseen in the blackness of night, it lets out some kind of deep guttural grunt, and plods off into the woods, shaking the porch as it runs away, leaving me scared and shaking in the pitch-black dark with a still unlit cigarette hanging from my mouth.

Needless to say, I ran inside, turned on every light, and hid in the most interior room of the house, like any grown adult man would. My brain couldnt process what it might be, but my imagination was filling in all the blanks with whatever scary beast could be lurking out in the woods just a few feet from my parents back door, waiting to eat the shit out of me.

A couple weeks later I finally found out there was some reports that some of those giant feral pigs had moved onto my parents land. No giant scary monster thing. Just some overgrown hairy pig looking for a meal.



I remember a while back, when I was around 11 or 12 years of age, I was looking for my Nintendo DS. I looked everywhere. Under my bed, behind my pillows, on my shelves, in wardrobes, and even the inside of my bed cover. I completely took off my bed covers, which were white, compared to my Black DS which would have been easily visible. I looked everywhere. I was pretty annoyed, and aloud I said “Ugh, I can’t believe I’ve lost it again“. I then quickly went to the toilet. I was no longer than 60 seconds. I came back into my room and saw my DS, opened, right in the center of my bed. I was spooked to say the least. All I could muster was a timid ‘Thank you’, to who ever found my DS for me.



I was the caretaker at a ranch just outside of Yellowstone National Park. It was winter and my dog and I were the only 2 on the property. Overnight there was a large snowstorm. I woke up at 5 am to my dog barking and a knock on the front door. I woke startled and waiting for another knock before I got out of bed. My dog was now pacing and moaning. I stumbled to the door opened it up and no one was there. Not a single track in the snow leading to the house in the fresh 15″ of powder. My nearest neighbor was 2 miles away. I went back to bed and did not think much about it. Later that morning I woke and my dog and I went to town to work my other job as a ski technician. When I returned home later that night, my back door was open. Still the only tracks to or from the house my mine and my pups. I searched the entire property and still no new tracks. Searching the house, I found the the bed had been slept on in the guest bedroom. That bed had been made and neat for weeks. There was still an indentation of someones head on the pillow. This was an old ranch and I had heard rumors that a few people had died in this cabin I lived in. This is one of the few spooky encounters I had on this property.



Was in my grandmothers old house (and when i say old, i mean like 100 years old) Playing in her room on the second story. Sitting on her bed when all three of the doors in her room slammed shut at the same time. There were no windows open, no drafts. That was the only time it ever happened.

I still refuse to go in that house alone.



My dad loves to whistle (something I do a lot, too). When he comes home, I often know it because he mostly enters the house whistling. Anyway, I was alone in the house, in my room. I can’t remember where the rest of my family was, but I know I was waiting for my dad to arrive home from work first. I was doing something on the computer, and I heard whistling in the living room. I figured I just didn’t hear the door opening. The whistling continued, and after a while I got up to go say hello. Yeah…nobody there. Door locked, gate locked. The whistling stopped when I was on my way from my room to the living room, though.



When I was 15 I was home alone and my doorbell rang. I asked who it was through the door, and a guy told me it was my pizza delivery. I told him I hadn’t ordered a pizza, and he told me someone ordered one and paid for it, and had it sent to me. I decided to open our peek window that was in the door, and as soon as I did, he slammed his hand over it so that I couldn’t see him. I told him I didn’t want the pizza and to go away. But he didn’t. He walked around to the side of the house and I could see his silhouette trying to get a look inside our windows. I quickly pulled all of the curtains closed and yelled out that I was going to call the cops. He finally left.



I was babysitting my little brother (I was 16 and he was 4) and he would talk as fell asleep (he had quite a few imaginary friends that he would sometimes tell good night before he went to sleep). One night he was talking and, unlike normal, I heard something in the background of the baby monitor and went up to see if one of his toys had come on. When I get up there, nothing was out of the ordinary and he told me he was just talking to the old lady. Didn’t think anything of it because, like I said, he had an active imagination. A few months later we were looking through some old family photo albums and he pointed to a picture and said “that is the old lady that tells me goodnight!”. It was my great-grandmother…who died…when I was 5.



I used to play dance central often on my Xbox kinect. I was home alone one evening and decided to get some cardio in as an alternative to running on a dreadfully boring treadmill. So, I turned on my Xbox and selected an upbeat song to dance to. As I was dancing alone in one-player mode, half way through the song, the Xbox “recognized” a second player. For those who’ve never seen or played the game, there is a box on the upper right corner which shows the outline of your silhouette to track movement. In that box I saw a weird figure, right next to me, which quickly disappeared. After that, I turned off the tv and kinda stood there frozen in fear. I really hope that was a glitch in the game or something because this has happened to my older cousin as well 🙁



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