I feel silly admitting I believe in ghosts or spirits, but too many unexplainable things have happened to me to simply say, “it’s not possible for them to exist”. The creepiest incident happened to be when I had just turned 13. I moved to housing in Indiana with my mom and two brothers. My older brother is a bit unhinged to say the least, and was very abusive. I had gotten a puppy for Christmas and my brother took to being an ass to him to get to me. Knowing this I never let the puppy be alone with him or near his room, which was at the other end of the hall and the same floor as mine with the bathroom between the two.

One day my mother was out with my little brother and I was chilling on my laptop in my bedroom. Puppy started getting restless and I figured he needed to go out. He was barking at my door and I was chalking it up to him finally learning how to communicate when he needs to go. I was excitedly saying to him, “need to go potty? Need to go potty?!” And showing him praise as I got his leash together. Then I hear my older brother call to me, “Moths!” I ignored him at first. “Moths, come here.” I opened my door and asked what he wanted as I went to the bathroom before leaving. While entering the bathroom he calls me again. “Just come here.” “No, I’m taking puppy for a walk.” I called back.

Out of the corner of my eye I see the black little blob of puppy and hear the pitter patter of his paws scamper into older brothers’ room. Just as I was about to call puppy back because anytime he enters his room brother goes off, the door closed behind him. I figured it was a way for him to get me to go into his room to collect him and then see what he wants. I was annoyed and was walking to his door, about to grab the knob and grab puppy back when suddenly something absolutely stopped me. I can’t explain it, it’s like my body just froze solid and goosebumps shot up and through my whole body.

I stood there for a few milliseconds with my fingers inches from the knob and then something dawned on me. Older brother was not home. Older brother went to my cousins when my mom left with little brother. Then I heard puppy make a noise but it came from behind me. I turned and saw him in my doorway, all but cowering. I freaked. I ran to him, picked him up and dashed outside of the house and all the way to my grandpa’s, where I stayed until my mother came home. the experience was so terrifying that anytime I tried to tell it out loud my body would get that freezing feeling and I’d get lightheaded. It took years before I could share it aloud.

Something tried to get me to go into that room, going as far as luring me in by using puppy. I heard his paws and saw him enter, which scares me so much more. And even ignoring that, it had my brother’s voice down perfectly. It WAS his voice calling to me. What was it? What happened? I don’t freaking know, but I’m so glad I remembered older brother wasn’t home and didn’t go in.



When I was about 8 years old, I fell asleep and had what I can only relate as a 90 toys commercial on an bad acid trip. It was a close up of a snarling doberman that was covered in neon colors, and in a second it had bit me on my arm. I jerked awake and my arm was in extreme pain. I looked at my arm and I was bleeding and what appeared to be bite mark in my arm that could’ve only happened if I was holding my arm in a defensive position defending myself from something. The bite mark had elongated canines and was bleeding. We never did or ever would own a dog.

My dad also told me a story that always creeped him out. Shortly after I just started to walk, my dad woke up one morning, and he came to get me out of my crib. When he got there, I was nowhere to be seen. He went downstairs to see if maybe, somehow I was down there. Nope. He looked around until he finally noticed the front door and screen door where both unlocked and wide open, deadbolts and all. He feared the worse wurst, so he ran outside and found me, in the bed of his Ford F-250 truck bawling my eyes out.



Last summer I went camping with my brother, we set up our tent next to small patch of brush. The brush must have had a rat nest in it because all night we could hear them scurrying around the outside of the tent and one of us would get up and rattle to tent to get them to leave. Anyway that night I had a dream that I was awoken by the rats outside the tent and opened the zipper to look outside where standing right outside the tent was a small monkey.

The next day while packing up I was telling my brother about the dream when I noticed something shiny in the dirt, I picked at it to dig it out as I continued the story and picked it up as I was saying “outside the tent was a monkey”. My brother looks at me and says what did you find. . . It was a charm of a monkey head.



I grew up in a small town, and lived out in the country. My mom and I were coming home from Walmart really late one night and decided to take the back way home. I still had my learners permit, so I wanted to take a road with less traffic. Anyone who has ever lived or been to the country knows how creepy these roads can be at night. I was going around a curve, right before a one lane bridge, so I slowed down in case I had to stop.

Out of no where this woman jumps in front of me to the drivers side of my car and starts pounding on the hood of my car. Her mouth was moving but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. My mom started freaking out and told me not to stop, and just keep driving. I kept going and we both looked back to see where she was and no one was there. To this day my mom and I still remember it clearly. Turns out there’s apparently a legend about a woman who died around the bridge and supposedly can be seen sometimes late at night. I get goosebumps to this day just thinking about it.



This was years ago, when I was a much younger lass in my twenties. I lived right by a forest that had a bunch of hiking trails through it, and I loved to take my dog for a walk there at night to look at the stars, listen to the river, get wicked baked, etc. You could expect other people there, it was a park after all, but usually it was pretty empty.

So for reference, I was about 100lbs soaking wet and my dog was a 10lb Mini Pin, so not exactly a threat to anyone. I also didn’t have my cell on me because I was dumb. It was about 11pm on a warm Tuesday night and we were just lazing in one of the little alcoves by the riverbank I like to rest at and enjoy the fireflies and whatnot. Then all of a sudden I hear this horrible scream. My dog starts barking like crazy and I freak out, but then I think ‘that was probably a rabbit’ because they scream like creepily humanlike. My dog calms down and I go back to stargazing and then the scream happens again but louder. And then twice more.

My dog is growling and trying to hide behind me and then I hear this noise like a TRex is running through the forest – big loud stomps and branches breaking and shit. So now I think a girl is being chased and I feel awful because I don’t have my cell on me. It gets closer and my dog and I just hunker down hoping we can’t be seen from the path and I can see one of the trees above us shake. It felt like that scene from LOTR with the hobbits under the tree roots. The noise and stomping go right past me but I don’t see anything on the path. I stay there for a while, don’t hear anything else and eventually go home. There’s a lot of broken branches on the path and it smelled like wood smoke, but no other clues.

If my dog hadn’t been there being so visibly freaked out, I would assume it was a dream. She would never go down that specific path again either.



Two of my best friends, who were also a couple, died last summer in a freak drowning accident. We were living together at the time of their deaths. In the weeks after they’d died I’d frequently wake up to noises in their bedrooms or hear knocking on my bedroom door. One night while the search and recovery was still ongoing for one of their bodies I heard my friend shout my name in distress, my ears were ringing from it and he was finally found the next day in what was meant to be the last day of the search for him.

I moved out of that house two months later and to a new city for a job. Every time I visit one of my friend’s families I always use my friends ensuite and take some time to sit in her room, a few times I’ve heard knocking on the ensuite door, it’s a glass frosted door and there’s never anyone else in her room. It’s a nice feeling though that makes me smile.

Since I’ve moved to the new city I’ve had two stand out things happen. The first time I was under the covers playing candy crush laying on my right side. I felt someone sit down on the bed behind me and then the covers were pulled off of me with quite a force. I instinctively thought it was my boyfriend so I was “wtf are you doing?! ” pulled them back over my head again and then suddenly froze on the spot. My boyfriend was at the gym and I was the only one home. It took me at least 5 mins to come out from under the covers and look. There was no one there.

A few weeks after that me and my boyfriend got in to bed one night after visiting friends. My boyfriend then sat up really quickly and was freaking out a little he said while his hand was laying still under the covers he felt a ring slide on to his pinky finger. It was my missing Claddagh ring that I lost a few months back. I immediately started crying. One of my friends who died wore a Claddagh ring also and I had told him how to wear it properly when he and my other friend got together (the heart faces inwards when your heart is taken).

He was one of the only other people who wore that ring and we both loved what the rings represented. I was devastated when I lost it. We have no idea how it appeared under the covers but I’m so glad to have it back again.



I was on one of my smoke breaks back when I used to smoke and I was out front of where I worked. It was broad daylight around 3:00-4:00PM overcast but clear as anything can be.

No more than 40-50 meters from where I was there is a clinic and in the parking lot I saw a lady get out of a silver SUV, she was wearing an orange jacket, jean skirt and almost knee high black leather boots. She had dark red hair with black undertones.

I’m descriptive just so I can convey how clearly I could see what I saw and what was about to happen. The lady took about 6-7 steps in the opposite direction of the vehicle then stopped raised her arms and head in the air as though she had forgotten something. She then took 2 steps towards the vehicle and stopped, put both hands in front of her sideways pointing towards the vehicle and made the motions of closing the door even though there was without a shadow of a doubt 4 feet of distance between her and the vehicle, the door closed following the exact motions her arms and hands were moving as though she was using the “Force”

I know what I saw and it happened exactly how I saw but all I could come up with was magnetic doors or automatic doors but the vehicle was still running, I could see exhaust coming from the tail pipe.


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