Had a couple experiences. My most recent though…

I was chilling in my room browsing the internets. All of a sudden I heard slow chimey music, I thought it’d be from a music box I had (although I hadn’t ever touched that thing in years). I didn’t panic at first but the music continued for a good minute and I booked it to the living room. I came back a few minutes later less freaked out and checked the music box…

The wind up for it was completely unscrewed.

Creepiest part about it; I found out it was previously owned by a now dead relative. My dad told me once the man died, weird stuff would happen all the time with various electronics turning off and on, weird recordings, etc.



I’ll provide some backstory before saying what happened. So to start it off when I was 3 my mother died of a heart attack after someone ran a red light which scared her since she was driving me and my brothers. She was somehow able to put her foot on the brakes and keep it there even though she had passed. We then buried her in the graveyard that was beyond our backyard. My bedroom had a view of the backyard so I would always look out it and think of her. Also my bedroom had two twin beds but only i slept in the room. fast forward probably a year or two and I had decided to go bed. I was having a tough time sleeping and I was facing the wall and when i turned over towards the other twin bed there was a slight glow in the outline of a woman with long hair and all, and once i turned towards her she turned towards me and her arm that was closest to me hung over the side of the bed as she looked right at me. Being so young I was terrified and just turned back to the wall. It wasn’t until later I began to think it was actually my mom watching over me and it now comforts me thinking about it.



I took home a friend one night and on my way back, I stopped at my local graveyard to see if my friends dad was working the night shift (we have people patrol at night to keep grave robbers out) and he wasn’t there. I didn’t see his or any other vehicle there, and then I heard someone talk. But it wasn’t your normal ghost talk where it was all breathy and weird. It was just like someone was talking outside of my truck. So I was about to speed off, kinda freaked out, and my truck died! I had a full tank of gas and it just died. I thought it might have been the battery but i had just changed the battery earlier that week. So I sat there in complete silence as my truck rolled to a stop in the parking lot. Then after a minute, I started it back up and it ran fine the rest of the way home. Maybe it was just a coincidence but it was pretty creepy.



I’m watching tommy knockers late at night with my friend. We live on the 2nd floor of an apartment. The sliding door blinds are open and the lights are on in the living room. So you can see everything in the apartment reflected off the sliding door. The tv is near the sliding door. We are in an intense part of the movie and I see what I assume to be my live in cousin arriving through the front door in the reflection of the sliding glass door. I don’t turn around initially because we’re in the middle of an intense part of the movie. Tense scene is over so I turn around to greet her. No one there. So I turn around to check the reflection in the sliding glass door.

The shadow of a person is still there. In the reflection it looks like some one is standing behind us. I just see an outline of a person. I don’t see features or anything. So then I turn back towards the door to try and figure out were that shadows coming from. Nothing there. My mind is not caching up to whats going on. I just remember feeling confused. I look at the sliding door and back to the front door a few times before my mind clicks as to what I’m seeing. Finally I just keep my eyes on the shadowy figure in the reflection it steps side to side as though shifting its weight from one leg to the other then steps into the wall.

My friend is seeing everything I am seeing. We are both looking back and forth from the sliding door to the front door in unison. It was the creepiest feeling once we started to digest what just happened. Your first reaction is to try and find a reason why you saw what you saw. Was there something outside? A shadow coming from across the alley from another apartment? We searched for a legitimate reason for that shadow. We could find nothing.



I fell out of a high window as a two year old. I vividly remember being on the back of our couch which was against said window and it was open. I stood up, leaned out and toppled head over heals. Once I flipped facing upwards, I felt as if a pair of hands caught me and set me on the ground. I remember, as a toddler, feeling worried when I fell but feeling safe once I was “caught”.

My parents rushed out and around back of the house to find me laying there as if nothing happened, not a scratch on me to be found and no explanation for my safety. This was about an 8 foot fall.



I predicted the death of my grandfather a few hours before he died. (i was 7 years old)

It was in the evening and i was very sleepy I remember I had this sudden feeling something bad was going to happen to my granddad, though i only met him a couple of times. I told my parents he was going to die, they told me not to say such things and that he is fine. A few hours later they got a phone call from the hospital who told my parents he had a suffered heart attack and had passed away. My parents still remind me regularly of this, saying it was closest thing to paranormal they have ever witnessed.



About a month before I graduated high school my maternal grandmother had passed. After I graduated my family paid for a trip to Cancun. The first night I was there I had the most vivid realistic dream I’d ever had. My grandma and I were sitting at a bar and she said ” it was his time to go” that was it. So I woke up in a cold sweat and ran down to the phone bank in the hotel and called home. Because I thought maybe something was wrong with my great grandmother who was 92 at the time. My aunt answered the phone and told me everything was fine and to enjoy my vacation. But when I got home a week later my whole family was waiting for me to get out of the cab. I knew something wasn’t right. Come to find out that my step father had committed suicide about an hour after I had left to go to Cancun. No one wanted to tell me because they didn’t want me to have to fly home alone all distressed. It really fucked me up.



When I was younger I used to be very close to my grandma, on my dad’s side. Unfortunately I don’t remember her too well, due to how young I was. But nonetheless we apparently had a close, special bond.

As a child I was a very good sleeper. With the exception of a few rare nightmares from time to time, I was generally very good about sleeping through the whole night.

One night, when I was 5, I woke up in the middle of the night bawling my eyes out, uncontrollably. Clearly my parents took notice, and were very concerned since I was usually so good at night. My parents kept trying to ask me what was wrong, and I could offer no explanation. I was terribly upset, and it took a fair amount of time to settle me down and put me back to bed.

As soon as my parents laid me back to bed, the phone started to ring. My dad picked it up, and was informed that my grandma had just passed away, at about the time I awoke in the middle of the night.

Although I don’t recall any specific, special paranormal event, my family has believed strongly that my grandma came to visit me when she passed. We always said she came to say goodbye, and our bond was strong enough, that I was able to feel her presence.

Similar situations had happened to my mom when she was younger. She sensed when her nana, whom she was very close to, passed away. And when my mother’s dog passed.



My sis had just died (brain aneurysm), I was pretty down, so I just went for a walk and saw a bookstore, I just love to read so I though that it would be nice to buy a book and distract myself a little bit.

The first book that I put my hands in, told a story of a dead girl, telling how the other plane was, and how she was dealing with the experience of living without her family and how she missed them… now the interesting part, the girl had the same name as my sister, the same age, died of brain aneurysm too. I cried in the bookstore, because I know it was her who did this. I loved her so much, we had a incredible connection. I miss her, but I do know she is alright!


Thank you to the contributors on Reddit.

Source: What kind of paranormal experiences have you had?

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