Affirmations help us to attain the belief we need to achieve our goals and dreams. If you’re someone, like most of us, who struggles with self doubt, then it can be hard to fully get in the zone of believing you have what you take to make it.

You do.

Practicing short statements – affirmations, with the purpose of boosting your self esteem has been proven to be very effective. You can tailor affirmations to suit whatever it is you are seeking. For example, if you are struggling with self doubt and negativity, then you would practice Positive Affirmations. If you suffer from self esteem issues and a lack of worth, then your affirmations would be all about making you fall in love with yourself again.

There can be affirmations for every situation, all you have to do is find and repeat the ones that feel best for you. To give you a little help, here are 18 positive affirmations. Feel free to use the ones that jump out with you, and/or tailor them to suit your needs.



18 Positive Affirmations


“My mind is calm and relaxed in every situation.”



“My core is always calm, relaxed and peaceful.”



“Moving towards my goals makes me happy.”



“I love and accept myself for who I am.”



“I have a powerful body, mind and soul.”



“I choose to forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peaceful detach myself from them.”



“I can achieve greatness.”



“I appreciate everything I have in my life right now.”



“I am surrounded by amazing opportunities in every aspect of my life.”



“I am accepted and loved by everyone I meet



“I am surrounded by people who love and support me, and I love and support myself.”



“Challenges bring out the best in me.”



“Everything is getting better every day.”



“I am at peace with the world around me and the world is at peace with me.”



“I am focused, persistent and determined. I will never give up.”



“I am happy, healthy and full of energy.”



“I am successful in whatever I do.”



“I am surrounded by love and peace.”





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