Sundays can be days full of dread. The day before many of us have to go back into the office, after only starting to feel that the weekend had only begun. Mondays shouldn’t be a day we dread however, if we’re going to spend so many years working at least 5 days a week, then shouldn’t it be on something we enjoy?

Unfortunately the statistics show otherwise. Most of us don’t enjoy the work that we do, and only do it to pay the bills. This is a disturbing statistic and maybe it’s time for those people to start thinking about what their real passions are and how they can turn them in a career? It’s perfectly doable and it’s never too late to undertake a career change. I have yet to meet one person that has said they regret it!

The following are affirmations focussing on the work place. Whether you’re thinking about a career chance, feeling more confident in your current job or simply want to get motivated, there’s an affirmation here for you.

18 Affirmations For Success At Work

I have the skills and the talent to succeed.


Career change is an opportunity to have the career I want.


I am a great employee!


I am confident and successful in my interviews.


I am creating the career of my dreams.


I am doing the work I enjoy.


I am enough.


I am working at my dream job.


I believe in myself and my abilities.


I deserve my ideal job.


What i do in my job makes a difference!


The job I am looking for is looking for me.


My work provides me with complete job satisfaction.


My work offers me great career prospects.


My work makes me financially abundant.


I take full responsibility for my work.


I seize opportunities as and when they appear.


I have abundant faith in my ability to succeed.


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