15 Affirmations to Keep Anxiety at Bay

Current estimates but the number of people that suffer from anxiety in North America, at around 30% of all people. That’s a staggering statistic and one that only seems to be growing. It is fair to assume that the fast paced lives we are now expected to lead is a major contributing factor to that number, but how can we combat it?

Learning to live at a slower pace and not let outside environments affect us is a major preventative, but anyone who suffers from anxiety will tell you that’s a hard thing to master. However, with anything, it takes practice and eventually we learn to overcome the overwhelming feeling of anxiousness as it begins to rise up inside of us. A good way to help get us into this mindset is to practice saying affirmations everyday. Below are 15 created specifically to keep anxiety at bay. Tailor them to suit your needs and speak them aloud every morning, and when you feel the sensations starting to build within you.

“I have some feelings I don’t like. But they are disappearing and when they do I will be fine.”


“I am able to deal with this. I will get through this.”


“I am able to let go of panic.”


“I am more relaxed now than I was a moment ago.”


“I am safe now.”


“I feel calm and at peace.”


“I have got through this before. I know I can do it again.”


“I know that I will be able to stop my panic attacks.”


“I will focus on my breathing and overcome the feeling of panic.”


“It may seem hard now, but it will become easier and easier.”


“Taking deep breaths helps me relax.”


“I am going to be alright. I am going to remain calm. Everything will be alright.”


“With each and every breath I take, I release all anxious feelings.”


“With each breath I take, I begin to feel more and more relaxed.”


“With every breath, I release the anxiety with me and I become more and more calm.”


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