One of the most common new years resolutions for people is to give up smoking. We’re fully enthusiastic at the start, getting rid of all smoking paraphernalia that lies around the house, and eager start living our smoke free lives. Then come the cravings…

Most of the battle of giving up smoking is conducted in the head so it’s imperative that you’ve a strong mindset when committing to stop smoking. Physically, after 72 hours your entire body would test nicotine free so you know how long it takes to leave your system. You will experience heightened anxieties after day 1 but they will return to normal after two weeks.

If you have quit, or are planning to, if you can make it past the two week mark then you’ve a much greater chance of quitting for good. That’s amazing! You’ll already start to notice a return in your lung capacity, your smell and taste senses returning back to normal. Food tastes amazing again!

It is a difficult task, there’s no doubt about that, however millions of people have gone through this and come out successfully the other side, why should you be any different? To help you maintain this positive mindset, we’ve compiled a list of affirmations to help you keep a positive mindset, and kick the habit for good!


14 Affirmations To Quit Smoking For Good


“My Health is improving daily.”


“My breathing is improving each and every day.”


“My body is becoming healthier and healthier, with each and every day.”


“I love my new smoke free life.”


 “I feel healthier and younger now that I do not smoke.”


“I enjoy a smoke-free environment.”


“I choose to partake in healthy habits only.”


“I choose to have healthy lungs.”


“I choose to be smoke-free forever.”


“I choose to be happy and healthy.”


“I choose to only put healthy things into my body.”


“I can change my habits.”


“I am smoke free and will continue to be forever.”


“I am healthier and happier because my body is free of toxins.”


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