10 Reasons Why You Should Stop and Breathe Deeply

By taking just five to ten minutes out of our day we can achieve just that. Practicing deep diaphragmatic breathing for as little as five minutes a day has been reported to have a substantial affect on the improvement of our over all health.

“The nose is for breathing, the mouth is for eating.” ~Proverb

1) To breathe deeply can positively improve our immune system ensuring that it is operating at its optimal level. The body uses this extra energy in the process of detoxifying and self-healing. Our body is designed to release majority of our toxins as we exhale. If we do not exhale effectively our body will have to work harder to deplete these toxins. Sleep can also be improved by spending as little as five minutes a day focusing on taking deep breaths.

2) By inhaling and exhaling deeply we will improve our digestion. Digestive disorders such as indigestion and heartburn can all be alleviated by an effective breathing pattern.

3) Stress and anxiety can be significantly reduced by our breathing pattern. When we engage in proper diaphragmatic breathing we are not cutting off any oxygen from entering our brain. Oxygen is required in the brain to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. This system in turn promotes calmness.

4) Effectively breathing can help us become more aware of the present. It can significantly promote a greater desire for exercise and pleasure. It can boost our self-awareness and make us feel better naturally.

tumblr.com / Via Giphy

tumblr.com / Via Giphy

5) For the purposes of meditation, deep breathing can play a substantial role in our ability to attain a spiritual connection. Many of us who practice meditation will experience a more heightened intuition by becoming more aware of how we are breathing. By balancing the energies, we are impacted physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Becoming all that more creative and improving our clarity.

6) When we breathe properly we cause the diaphragm to move. This movement of the diaphragm massages vital organs in our body and improves circulation within them.

7) Deep breathing can be extremely beneficial to those of us who like to keep fit. During recovery periods, whether we are a beginner or fitness junky, practicing deep breathing can significantly aid recovery. In addition to this the extra oxygen entering our body assists in burning fat more efficiently, therefore breathing effectively can aid with our weight goals. When we exercise we tend to engage in a short breathing pattern, which uses sugar as fuel. During our rest period, we utilise deep breathing, which uses fat as a fuel.

8) Muscle tension eases when we take deeper diaphragmatic breaths, which in turn allows us to move more easily and become more flexible.

9) By breathing deeply we improve the circulation of lymphatic fluid in our body. This aids our recovery after an illness.

10) More endorphins are released during the process of deep breathing, ultimately contributing to our over all happiness level.

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