There are so many things that have been created to make our days a little easier or more enjoyable. It is fascinating to see how these things we usually take for granted are made, especially when in Gif form! Once even more amazing as you scroll down through them, is that each of these processes were thought out by people like you and me!

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and it’s allowing us to create things that are incredible. However, looking at the creation of some of the following staple items reminds us that we’ve been creating amazing objects and processes, for a very long time.

The following are 10 mind blowing GIFs that show how certain things are made. In a loop like this, some of them certainly are mesmerising and as a film buff I spent far too much time looking at the process of stop motion animation. The timing and precision that go’s into making all of these things is astounding, whether it’s parts, or films, each process has been refined so that the best end product gets to you in the quickest time possible.

Take a look at this list and see which one hypnotises you the most…


10 Mind Blowing ‘How They’re Made’ GIFs


How They’re Made: Springs

How Springs are made Gif


How They’re Made: The Old Spice Commercial

Old Spice Commercial GIF


How They’re Made: Chains

How Chains are made GIF


How They’re Made: Sharpening Pencils

Sharpening pencils gif


How They’re Made: Camouflage Helmets

How Camouflage helmets are made



How They’re Made: Bullets

How Bullets are made


How They’re Made: Macaroni

How Macaroni is made


How They’re Made: Stop Motion Films

How Stop motion films are made



How They’re Made: Cymbals

How to make Cymbals



How They’re Made: Balloons

How Balloons are made


**Gifs Source from from Huffington Post and Imgur.


Pretty awesome huh! What was your favourite? If you know of any more captivating GIFs demonstrating how something is made, feel free to share the link in the comments and we can add to the article. Also be sure to let us know what your favourites are!

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